April 21, 2024

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Top saving tips: Spring and summer travel

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According to a recent Hopper survey, 90% of travelers say price and affordability are top of mind when planning spring travel in 2024. Yahoo Finance Reporter Kerry Hannon joins the Live show for Travel Guide 2024: Industry Insights, sharing her top tips for travel savings. Number one on Hannon’s list: plan ahead.

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Editor’s note: This article was written by Nicholas Jacobino

Video Transcript

Affordability is top of mind for most Americans who are getting ready to book their spring and summer travel. That’s according to a recent hopper survey with the best ways to save on those upcoming trips. We’re joined by Yahoo Finance’s Kerry Hannon as part of Yahoo Finance’s travel guide 2024 industry insights. So Kerry, what are some big tips for how people can save?

KERRY HANNON: Oh, absolutely, I want to go right now. But the number one tip is to plan ahead. So if you can book your airfare a month in advance, two is better. But now we’re talking summer vacation there. Hotels, there’s not as many great deals out there right now but anywhere from 10 days to two weeks is good there. But it’s really important to think about when you travel.

So the flights tend to be cheaper midweek, Tuesdays and Wednesdays or returning on a Monday instead of on a weekend. So those are just a couple of Nuggets to when you’re planning. Number two is try to, if possible travel at a non peak time. So maybe you don’t go right now in spring break. But you go in May or you go between Labor day and just before Thanksgiving. Those shoulder periods.

You can have some terrific deals like for example hey, I want to go to Saint Barts. Well, if you want to go to Saint Barts at the end of October, trust me, you can find a Villa a quarter of the price it is during the high season. And you might even get a free car rental at the same time. So think about those things. The third thing is use a price tracker. These things are fabulous and most of the major travel apps have them. Hopper has it Google Flights.

So if you know where you want to go and roughly your dates, plug it in there. Because even though we may say, oh, here are the fares and they’re getting higher as you get closer, there is a fluidity here. So they’ll alert you when there’s a dip. And if there’s a dip then buy it by all means. The next thing is, please pack light. All right, carry on your bags because seriously United and American both raised their checked baggage fees.

And they’re now like $40 to check a bag if you don’t have their credit card or what have you. So seriously, I say pack light and then you don’t have to wait for your bags if they get lost. And the last thing really you should think about is and I think you’re going to explore this more is your credit card points. a great way to find savings or your loyalty reward programs you have at hotels and those of things.

Kerry, I love the buy the dip advice, fits perfectly into our coverage here at Yahoo Finance. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it and have a great weekend to you. Thank you so much.


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