July 20, 2024

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Butterfly Park, Lion Safari, and More

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On Monday, June 24, 2024, Udaipur, renowned globally for its tourism, received numerous developmental gifts from the Forest Department. The Governor of Assam, Gulab Chand Kataria, and the Minister of Forest, Environment, and Climate Change, Sanjay Sharma, inaugurated several new attractions and laid foundation stones for various projects in the city.

The new attractions include a Butterfly Park, Children’s Adventure Zone, Eco Tourism Adventure Zone, and Lav Kush Vatika. Additionally, foundation stones were laid for water conservation structures, a holding area at Ubeshwar Mahadev, and a Lion Safari at Sajjangarh.

Governor Kataria praised the efforts of District Collector Arvind Poswal for his dedication to Udaipur’s development. He announced that swift approvals amounting to Rs 208 crore from the DMFT fund have been issued, promising a new direction for the city’s growth.

Kataria emphasized the importance of maintaining and properly utilizing these new facilities, stressing the responsibility of Udaipur’s residents in this regard. He highlighted Udaipur’s natural beauty and the significance of these new developments, including the increased interest in Sajjangarh and the rise in the crocodile population there.

Furthermore, Kataria noted that the Luv Kush Vatika will be a new tourist attraction. The Lion Safari and water conservation structures at Ubeshwar Mahadev are expected to become new points of interest. He also mentioned the Bird Park in Gulab Bagh as a special attraction and stressed the importance of developing the Jaisamand Sanctuary. During the ceremony, a booklet on butterflies was released, adding to the day’s celebrations.  

Inauguration of Luv Kush Vatika

Governor of Assam, Mr. Kataria, and Forest Minister, Mr. Sharma firstly inaugurated the newly built Luv Kush Vatika near Doodh Talai. This garden, developed by the state government, aims to offer urban dwellers a forest experience and encourage them to engage in forest and environmental conservation. It features adventure activities for children, an eco-trek, and other attractions.

Butterfly Park

Afterward, the guests proceeded to Amberi where they inaugurated the Butterflies Park funded with Rs 50 lakh  from the Udaipur Municipal Development Initiative. Butterfly expert Mukesh Panwar highlighted that the park showcases 83 butterfly species, emphasizing biodiversity conservation efforts. 

Eco-Tourism Adventure Zone

At Amberi, the guests unveiled the Children’s Adventure Zone, funded with Rs 25 lakh from the Udaipur Municipal Development Initiative. This section offers eco-friendly adventure activities and swings designed for children. Similarly, they inaugurated an Eco-Tourism Adventure Zone supported by a Rs 48 lakh grant from the Udaipur Municipal Development Initiative. This zone features amenities like sky cycling, wall climbing, giant swings, and more. 

Lion Safari Sajjangarh

Additionally, the guests laid the groundwork for the state’s second lion safari at Sajjangarh Biological Park. The development of this safari is anticipated to boost tourism in Udaipur. Governor of Assam, Mr. Kataria, Forest Minister Mr. Sharma, and other dignitaries inaugurated water structures at the Eco-Tourism site of Ubeshwar Ji. This project was funded with  Rs 477.48 lakh from the DMFT. As part of the initiative, significant natural drains near Ubeshwar Ji Mahadev have been treated with drainage line technology to create water structures, aimed at conserving rainwater.


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