July 15, 2024

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Moment American Couple Abroad Realize They’re ‘Too Southern’ To Travel

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A video of American tourists confused by the “guacamole” they were served with a meal in Ireland has gone viral on TikTok.

The clip was posted by Jodi White (@jodiwhitecomic), who has been a comedian for 17 years, and has had over 418,000 views since it was posted on June 3. The video was captured in Dublin at the Bonnington hotel, White told Newsweek.

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She and her husband Dale Jones (@dalejonescomic on TikTok), who has been a comedian for 31 years, live in Jonesboro, Georgia. The couple, who are both 54, are currently traveling around Ireland.

White said they were initially perplexed to be served what looked like “guacamole” alongside a fish and chips dish her husband had ordered.

A caption shared with the post says: “We’re too southern to travel. It ain’t guacamole y’all.

They later discovered the “guacamole” was actually mushy peas: smashed peas that are typically served with the fried battered fish dish that comes with fries.

“We tried the mushy peas and actually they were great once we realized they weren’t guacamole,” she said.

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Some might believe that Americans’ apparent lack of knowledge about other countries and cultures is down to having never gone abroad. However, most Americans have been out of the country at least once, according to a June 2021 Pew Research Center survey.

The survey found that 71 percent of U.S. adults had traveled internationally at some point in their lives.

The degree to which Americans have traveled varies widely, with 19 percent reported to have been to only one foreign country, while 12 percent have been to two countries, 15 percent to three or four, and 14 percent have traveled to five to nine countries. Only 11 percent of Americans were reported have been to 10 or more countries, the study found.

According to the survey, income also plays a key role on who travels and how much, with the highest earners being “significantly more likely” to have visited multiple countries.

‘That’s Weird’

White told Newsweek that this is couple’s first trip to Ireland and first experience of the food in the country. “While we’re traveling around Ireland we’re doing a series called ‘Too Southern to Travel,'” she said.

White says in the clip: “Well, we’ve decided we’re definitely too southern to travel, y’all. Cuz’ we went to lunch—what’d ya’ order babe?”

Her husband replies: “I ordered fish and chips and it came with guacamole.”

She adds: “Yea, it came with a side of guacamole and we’re like ‘that’s weird’ but hey, maybe they do things different in Ireland.”

Jones says “Then we find out it was peas,” as White shouts “Mushy peas y’all.”

“They smash ’em up and then they call it mushy,” the husband explains.

White says “They trick ya’. You think it’s guacamole and it don’t taste like guacamole.”

“It taste like health,” Jones says, while frowning, adding: “I’m not used to that.”

Giggling away, White says “We’re having fun anyway. Thanks for having us Ireland,” before the clip ends.

Jodi White, Dales Jones, fish dish.
Screengrabs from a viral TikTok video of Jodi White and Dales Jones, a traveling American couple, recalling a moment in Ireland when they were confused by the “guacamole” served with their fish and chips dish….

@jodiwhitecomic on TikTok

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