June 15, 2024

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Kokoda Caravans Tribute 2 Is an Amazing Couple’s Travel Trailer Built for Aussie Roads

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Everyone agrees that Australian RV manufacturers make some of the toughest mobile living spaces for off-road and off-grid adventures. That’s because the vast Outback in the heart of Australia, while delighting outdoor enthusiasts with places of exquisite beauty and wildness, is known to be a treacherous and unforgiving land.

One company that makes rugged yet extremely comfortable camper trailers for overland adventures is Kokoda Caravans. This Melbourne, Victoria-based crew has been in the off-road and off-grid travel trailer business since 2011 and is known for building nearly indestructible camping rigs that will make your trips safe and memorable no matter how unhospitable and harsh the landscape might be.

The latest addition to their portfolio is the Tribute 2, a luxury off-road travel trailer that stands out with striking looks, durable construction, and comfortable living quarters. It measures 20 feet and 6 inches (6.2 meters) in length and 9.8 feet (3 meters) in height and is built specifically for thrills-seeking couples who want to explore exciting new places in style and comfort.

The Tribute 2 weighs 2,650 kg (5,840 lbs) dry and has a cargo carrying capacity of 650 kg (1,430 lbs) for an ATM of 3,300 kg (7,272 lbs). The high-quality construction is one of the highlights of this new towable trailer, which is based on a 6″ Dura-Gal chassis and boasts a structural CNC plywood frame, a waterproof one-piece roof made of fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP), and charcoal flat composite cladding all around.

Kokoda Caravans Tribute 2 travel trailer

Photo: Kokoda Caravans

Moreover, with a 3.3t suspension, 15″ alloy wheels shod in heavy-duty off-road M/T tires, stone guard mesh, and reverse camera included as standard, Tribute 2 takes off-road adventures to the next level, allowing owners to venture through and settle in closer to nature.

For those who want to go further off-grid and remain untethered for prolonged periods, the newcomer comes with twin 200W solar panels, a 150 Amp lithium-ion battery, two 110-liter water tanks, two 9kg gas bottles, and two 20-liter jerry can holders. For added peace of mind, a pair of full-size spare tires is also included.

All these features will make exploring the challenging Aussie Outback a hassle-free experience, especially considering this new travel trailer also has all the qualities of a home away from home, allowing travelers to bask in comfort with all the creature comforts they are used to, top-of-the-line appliances and fittings, and refined finishings.

Stepping inside, you’ll discover a straightforward layout with a rear bedroom that seamlessly communicates with the middle kitchen and lounge area for open-plan living, and a private front bathroom. Built without compromise, the five-star living quarters allow you to experience the comforts of home while on the road.

Kokoda Caravans Tribute 2 travel trailer

Photo: Kokoda Caravans

Perhaps the most impressive area of the interior is the “walk-in robe,” as Kokoda calls it. We’re talking about the incredibly spacious and practical bathroom that hides behind a Perspex door and features a full ensuite with a spacious shower, wash basin, huge mirror, and separate toilet, as well as a full-height closet and oodles of storage cabinets.

The space doubles as a laundry room, boasting a laundry chute with a washing machine beside it that can be accessed from the outside. Having to deal with piles of dirty laundry can be a nuisance that might take away from your adventuring time, so having a washing machine inside your RV is truly a luxury.

The open living area is modern and fresh, with a well-appointed kitchen on one side, a two-person dinette on the other, and plenty of wiggle space in between. The light color palette and a couple of huge windows make the space incredibly bright and open, allowing you to still feel connected with the outdoors even when you’re inside.

Kokoda Caravans Tribute 2 travel trailer

Photo: Kokoda Caravans

The cooking space inside Tribute 2 looks just like a kitchen in a small apartment, with plenty of base and upper cabinets for storage, a pull-out pantry, and full-size appliances ranging from a gas oven, mini grill, and cooktop with three gas burners and one electric burner to a large sink and a 12v, 274-liter compressor fridge with freezer.

For the seating area, there are several options to choose from, including a pair of recliner chairs, as seen in the pictures, a cafe dinette with two comfy benches and a center table, as seen in the video below, or a straight lounge with a single banquette.

Last but not least, the bedroom at the back of the trailer looks quite comfy and comes with a queen-size island bed with innerspring mattress and lift-up storage, bedside niches, and overhead cabinets, so you’ll definitely be able to take more stuff than you actually need when going on vacation. The bed is flanked by two massive picture windows that bring in plenty of light and allow you to enjoy the views while relaxing.

Kokoda Caravans Tribute 2 travel trailer

Photo: Kokoda Caravans

Other noteworthy features that will certainly enhance the camping experience are a manual roll-out awning, a large toolbox, a pass-through storage compartment, a diesel heater with five-liter diesel tank mounted on the toolbox, and a reverse-cycle air conditioner.

In terms of pricing, Kokoda Caravans’ Tribute 2 Off-Road camper trailer is available for a base price of AUD $98,990 (which is $65,400 in US dollars), while the addition of the off-grid package will bring the total cost to $114,990 (US $75,970). Packed full of convenience and luxury, this Australian-made travel trailer is a great option for couples with a wandering heart, but it has one major downfall: it’s only destined for the land down under.

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