June 15, 2024

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Couple Share ‘Cute’ Way to Document Your Travels When You’re Young

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A video showcasing a couple’s enchanting way of capturing memories from their recent trip to Spain has gone viral on TikTok.

The video, posted by @roxxanaa29, shows the pair exploring the scenic landscapes of the Costa del Sol region in southern Spain, visiting Malaga and Marbella from May 7 to 10. The video has received 1.4 million views since it was posted on Monday.

A message overlaid on the clip says: “Your sign to start documenting your trips so you can watch it when you’re old.”

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The footage shows a video playing on a laptop screen, which appears to feature scenes from the couple’s trip. The clip shows the smiling couple walking and filming themselves while going through an airport and making heart shapes with their hands while sitting together on a plane.

Travel will set “record highs” in 2024, with global tourism spending expected to reach $2 trillion, according to a December 2023 survey by Euromonitor International, a market research company.

Jet-setters say they’ll cut down on other areas of personal spending to prioritize leisure travel this year, according to a global survey of over 10,000 travelers across nine countries conducted by Ipsos and the Hilton hotel group.

Couple taking selfie on street.
A stock image shows a man and woman taking a selfie together on a street. A video of a couple’s “cute” way of capturing memories from their travels has gone viral on TikTok.

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Shared experiences on vacation can be beneficial for a couple’s relationship. A December 2019 study of couples in the U.S., published in the Journal of Travel Research, found that “shared experiences during vacations” were positively associated with couples’ “day-to-day functioning at home.”

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The study said that those who “engaged in higher levels of shared experiences during their vacations, such as effective communication, showing affection, or experiencing new things together, reported higher levels of couple flexibility and cohesion following their vacations, regardless of the number of vacations.”

‘Such a Cute Idea’

The laptop footage in the video shows the couple walking along a beach coast and going for a drive. The man is later seen smiling in the car while the woman’s hand caresses the back of his neck before the clip ends.

The post has inspired TikTok users such as Megan Rose, who wrote: “This is such a cute idea.”

User konstantina_mantzouni said: “Such a special way to save memories.”

Love this so much,” said happyliving_withdemi, and ScholarTrip wrote: “Love this!”

JIME said: “Yessss a beautiful idea.”

“I’m wanting to do this, but honestly don’t know where to do it!” said Caitlin Westerling.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment via TikTok and email. The video has not been independently verified.

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