July 20, 2024

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Committee meets to discuss eco tourism policy

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The committee constituted to chart out the course towards an eco-tourism policy of the Telangana government met on Saturday. Presided by Minister for Environment, Forests and Science & Technology Konda Surekha, it discussed the topic with focus on tourism development and protection of forests.

Deccan Woods and Trails

It was broadly recommended by the committee that eco-tourism projects in forest areas should be managed by a separate division in the Telangana Forest Development Corporation under the brand ‘Deccan Woods and Trails’. Consensus was also arrived at encouraging private investments and partnerships among various government departments for investing in Tourism projects.

Also discussed were the possibility of adventure tourism, development of digital tools and mobile apps to provide comprehensive information and facilitate travel planning. It was decided to submit a draft policy to the government based on the discussion.

The Minister opined that development of eco-tourism circuits linking major wildlife sanctuaries, forests, and natural reserves will offer unique and immersive experiences. She said that investment in eco-friendly infrastructure, including sustainable lodging, renewable energy sources, and green transportation options, keeping in consideration forest and wildlife laws, will be made possible by bringing in an eco-tourism policy for which a committee was constituted in March this year.

The core aim of the committee meeting on Saturday was to devise a sustainable and integrated eco-tourism strategy for the growth of the tourism sector with the imperative of forest conservation.

Principal Secretary A. Vani Prasad said local communities should be involved in eco-tourism projects to ensure that they develop socially and economically. Stringent measures and active monitoring are required to protect wildlife habitats and preserve biodiversity.

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and head of forest force R.M. Dobriyal said unless people across various sections have an opportunity to explore and cherish forests and wildlife, it would be impossible to generate public responsibility towards preservation and perpetuation of forests and biodiversity in the State.

The committee made several suggestions for providing safeguards and sustainable and non-exploitative standard operative procedures for the eco-tourism policy. Secretary, Irrigation, Rahul Bojja too attended the meeting.


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